About Us

The Kenmore Square Area Adult Programs was established in 2015 as a not for profit organization that was formed to help adults live a better life. Initially we provided assistance to any and all adult that needed help. This included helping find jobs, assisting in locating health care, offering programs to improve business skills, and providing help for senior citizens.

All our programs were offered free of charge because of the generosity of a local foundation that provided financial assistance to KSAAP. To supplement our finances, we received some government grant funding. This allowed us to hire specialists in various areas to assist the members of our community. Over a short period of time the hard work and efforts of our staff has helped hundreds of adults and their families. This is work that we are extremely proud of!

Unfortunately, due to some government funding cuts we have had to make some serious changes to our community services. It has been our goal to provide all of our services free of charge so that we are able to serve a wide array of people. With the budget cuts we have had to reduce staff and the scope of our services.

Because our area is getting older and the average age is rising, we decided to focus on senior related services. This has been beneficial to many of the lower income senior citizens that can’t afford to spend any extra money on themselves. These seniors know that they can rely on KSAAP to provide help when they need it and where they need it.

While our focus is mainly on senior citizens, we still provide a few services to the non-senior community. While we don’t have any set schedule, we are glad to assist anyone that can use help. If we can’t help, we will suggest a possible solution to their problem.

Because of circumstances all of our programs are currently conducted remotely. At some point we hope to resume our normal services. Our past, present and future success all depends on our staff, and we thank them:

KSAAP Staff: Caitlyn Alli, Victor Fader, Bryant Ahearn, Breanna Pontiff, and Nikki Zook